30 Jun

12 Reasons Why Party City Rules

Please Touch @ Monmouth Museum

Please Touch @ Monmouth Museum

The day started with a drizzle, a bad hair day overall to be out in search of Mylar balloons.  Popping in an out of a bunch of different florists with a broken umbrella, I drove back in a huff watching the stoic windshield wipers squeegeeing the incessant raindrops away over and over again.  Afraid of running out of time, I decided to go to Party City for a dozen helium balloons to keep my etched metal sculpture afloat at the Monmouth Museum that afternoon.  Faithfully churning out all ingredients for merry making, the place was hopping! Waiting in line I watched toddlers steal sticky starbursts standing on their tippy toes from large transparent bowls almost within their reach.  I stood patiently while the young man behind the counter blew up 12 balloons one by one, meticulously curling the string with the sharp edge of his scissors.  Finding success in my juvenile pursuit, I shut the car door on the 12 shiny balls of helium and sighed in relief only after they were tied to the sculpture – the figure losing a sandal was as if taking off with the balloons.

REVIEW: “…being able to touch the sculptures, as at the Monmouth Museum, is an exceptional opportunity…”  Seeing Isn’t Always Believing: “Please Touch!” Exhibit at the Monmouth Museum


25 Jun

Stories Lost and Stories Untold

Every so often while cleaning out my immense heap of precious junk, I stumble upon a drawing or two, a work or two that did not quite materialize into a series that got hung in a gallery, these works bring back thoughts.  So I sit and ponder, as if to relive the moments that once drove me to create these works…

So would you call them brain farts that are best forgotten?  “Lost Tales” tells the tale of changing course of the River Narmada that lead to the drowning of villages on its banks with their artifacts and stories that were mostly passed on by word of mouth, given that many in these small villagers were non-literate and relied almost entirely on the spoken word.  The dung beetles in “Build” and “Rebuild” are at it again, rolling dirt tirelessly…

However insignificant, these works, made me pause and ponder, it made me feel some sort of empathy for myself…for having taken account of life, for having taken the time to look and feel…

14 Jun

Paterson Art Walk 2015

So, the huge cavernous place, the Art Factory in Paterson, NJ, came alive yet again this year – a bit more organized yet a bit more subdued…a major buzz built around the Alexander’s department store mural, many in this generation might not have a clue about what it stood for…me on the other hand felt nostalgic as my very first suit out of grad school was this course knit “made in Bulgaria” tweed suit from Alexander’s a mega store that used to be somewhere around Lexington Av and 60th street many moons ago.   Sharing some of the works that spoke to me, and some of my own that I noticed having an impact as I stood – a bystander,  just to get a true impression on how folks felt about my work.

High point: Kindergartener seeing my sculpture “Us and Them” asked if she could please touch?

Low Point: when a buffed young dude while checking out awrt stuff, punched my “Intent to Lead” off handedly.  I actually felt like the strict headmistress saying, “Please don’t touch the artwork”!

Revisiting 2014:
Quoted having said: ” “It’s what you’re prepared to understand is what taints or colors your understanding,”