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The Passage of Time

Perception of Events

Contrary to spatial perception, perception of events is devoid of relationality in the immediate field of vicinity. Although we perceive the past, we do not perceive it as past, but as present. Moreover, our experience does not only appear to be temporally limited, it is so: we do not perceive the future, and we do not continue to perceive transient events long after information from them reached our senses.

Perspective Gathering

Incoming information having been registered; it needs to move into the memory to make way for more up to date information. For, although things may change slowly relative to the speed of light or of sound, they do change, and we cannot afford to be simultaneously processing conflicting information. There as been a lot of change worldwide in the recent past, and much continues to unfold. These events are in the process of impacting our consciousness. Until such time that the temporal relation of each disparate event is processed, much fraction will continue to erupt in the collective consciousness.

Passage of Time attempts to make sense of some of the conflicting views that are jostling with one another, vying for validation.