The Kiss, mixed media on paper by Tania Sen

Inside Outside, Etchings etc.


Constant conversation with the environment has been an obsession of sorts….Some of it premeditated, others are musings and speculations. During my visit to Barcelona, I fell in love with Gaudi’s Sagrada de Familia, despite its many apparent disjointed design directions. While walking down the conch like staircase, I looked at the expanse of the city.  Spotted the Torrre Agbar proudly gleaming above the cityscape in the full glory of its phallic shape!

At the etching studio, in downtown Manhattan, my mentor and master print-maker noted that my work bore a strong erotic element! Not entirely unaware of it, hearing it out loud from the sage instructor was awkward. I decided to work with the staircase of Segrada Familia and Torrre Agbar as my two transparencies for photo etching. I picked them  purely for their design aesthetics. To these genital shapes, I added kneeling figures poised in meditation to deepen the sexual connotation. Juxtaposing the prayer figures to the images of the buildings I etched them on copperplates. Two separate plates printed on the same paper these images are contrasts of the male and female, “inside” and “outside” in the context of architectural and psychological space.

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