30 May

Love in the time of Polarization

“Love” in a few different scripts on a shape shifting element – water.  Love and fear are two motivating emotions, the only two emotions that drive mankind, the only two advertisers and media gurus need to keep in mind.  In a free country one would assume that Love would be the only currency.  However, with the deep polarization worldwide, It may be particularly timely to revisit love in the eve of artist Robert Indiana’s passing, who was known for his Love series.  He died at 89 in his secluded island home off the coast of Maine, all by himself.  NY Times reports that “In a federal lawsuit filed Friday, a day before, he passed, a company that says it has long held the rights to several of Mr. Indiana’s best-known works proposed an answer, arguing in court papers that the caretaker and a New York art publisher had tucked the artist away while they churned out unauthorized or adulterated versions of his work.”

“Love” in a few different scripts on a shape shifting element – water.

Love urges allegiance and incites riots coup and wars.  With a deep ideological divide worldwide, one is prone to ask if indeed the flavor of love is changing.  Illusory as it may be in nature, there are expectations one develops from love, or in one’s allegiance towards the object of love.  These works address the  shift that we are be all going through in the understanding of love.  The Orlando mass shoot out and the many consequent shootings in clubs, schools, places of worship and other public places ever since, reflecting the shadow side of love, also makes one wonder about the shifting shape of love if only for the frequency at which it has been happening.