14 Jun

Paterson Art Walk 2015

So, the huge cavernous place, the Art Factory in Paterson, NJ, came alive yet again this year – a bit more organized yet a bit more subdued…a major buzz built around the Alexander’s department store mural, many in this generation might not have a clue about what it stood for…me on the other hand felt nostalgic as my very first suit out of grad school was this course knit “made in Bulgaria” tweed suit from Alexander’s a mega store that used to be somewhere around Lexington Av and 60th street many moons ago.   Sharing some of the works that spoke to me, and some of my own that I noticed having an impact as I stood – a bystander,  just to get a true impression on how folks felt about my work.

High point: Kindergartener seeing my sculpture “Us and Them” asked if she could please touch?

Low Point: when a buffed young dude while checking out awrt stuff, punched my “Intent to Lead” off handedly.  I actually felt like the strict headmistress saying, “Please don’t touch the artwork”!

Revisiting 2014:
Quoted having said: ” “It’s what you’re prepared to understand is what taints or colors your understanding,”