Blue Lemon, Twitter

8 eggs for a blue lemon

8 Dollars for a blue check, but what do I know, recent to a personal account on twitter, I have all of 3 porn bots for followers. Plus, the underscore on my twitter handle, tweeting_tania, is perhaps not the most keyboard friendly. I engage and comment like a good social media citizen, with not so much of an acknowledgement. Twitter did help years ago, when I needed a cable guy to arrive promptly, exhausted by the long waits and passing of the buck on phone support. That account was not a personal one, it was meant to promote my Shopify company, Viv Avant, by promoting its products and benefits. Along with porn bots, I did have some real followers then. Even though, “140 characters of vapidity” is how twitter was described. Until that is, some political leaders and social high horse riders escalated the culture of outrage, shaming, blaming and name calling…as it turned out, 140 characters were enough to create noise, and a lot of it!

Jargon Jitter

The Twitter Nazi has banned Kathy Griffin for impersonating you know who – bad Kathy! The blue check on Twitter indicated some sort of verification against, five penny twammers – how did I do on my newfound vocabulary? A “twammer” is a person who creates Twitter spam, in case you’re not caught up?! Kathy Griffin might have had a blue check mark or not, did it really matter? Do people still know who she is with or without Twitter? Wouldn’t it be nice if more of us could learn to laugh about things, lighten up a bit?

Courtesy People Magazine

Back when I promoted products on twitter, a popular line was men’s beard related. The hipster culture prevailed, and beard care came into practice. The beard originally intended as an aftermath of being too busy to shave, was embraced by many who sported more the idea of hipster culture and were willing to devote the required time for maintenance of facial hair. Clipping and buzzing tools, oils etc., offered a more “carefully careless” look. That is for those who could grow a beard. For those less hirsute, the hipster persona, however attractive has been hard to embrace. Take for example Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk. Spirited and ready to try anything, behold Musk sporting a beard in this picture. What? “Where’s the beard?” you ask?!! NO TWITTER FOR YOU! 🧔