Love in the Time of Covid by Tania Sen

Love in the Time of Covid

History shows that every experience bares within it, the gift towards a richer collective consciousness. Covid, difficult as it was, allowed no exemption. In that, it served as the great leveler.

Businesses suffered, many lost their jobs and, or got ill. Some lived to tell their tale, others did not. Collectively, we all embraced comfortable, no-frill clothes and sensible shoes. Social movements that might have gone unnoticed at normal times, erupted and drove a point home….

The focus on these images is on everyday living including food delivery, for example the delivery robot parked in the UC Berkley campus and essential workers who worked tirelessly to serve the community with a smile. The usual death and taxes and a whisper of prayers.

We saw more compassion, more inclusion, and more love. More peace, one might have hoped, but there are more lessons to learn collectively it would appear…. A young Ukrainian girl sang “Let it go” at a Kyiv bomb shelter and the world responded, “We see you!”