We'll Grow on You- II, relief painting on henna, by Tania Sen
We’ll Grow On You

Bleed, Cry, Grasp,Speak are verbs that are often associated with change, mending and motivate the flow of consciousness.  Henna, sumi ink, modeling clay and found objects are used to create works.  The performance art instance was done, using as prop a piece of sculpture.

Globalization and social media has spurred some changes in social dynamics.  Despite acceptance of western values and consumerism, the rest of the world has strangely adhered to some of our old social habits. The system of dowry for instance, has made female genocide in the villages as well as among certain wealthy classes, a matter of consequence. It is perhaps pertinent to scrutinize the psychological space that we inhabit with the changes that are flourishing all around us. The woman largely portrayed as the mother/nurturer in popular media assumes the denomination of a “giver”. It may be time to redefine the concept of a “giver”. Since our expectations of a “giver” can hold only if we allow the “giver” to be able to “give”.