Power to the People

Power to the People is a portrait of the people in a Promised Land! Pennsylvania – a primarily red state turned blue in response to a government, complacent towards its people, with a leader, focused on self-aggrandizement.

Having grown up in India, where norm and status quo in every aspect of life, economic, political, and social, made experience of the common people a compromised state of acceptance of inadequate and wrongful conditions, the series of uprisings leading up to the 2020 elections were deeply restorative of universal balance. The events leading up to the overturn of power was a call to a more conscientious and inclusive society.  Blue jeans, rock and roll and Coca Cola – symbols of Americana with its consumerism, continues to uphold the free spirit of the country and its people.

Naming the video was a challenge as a portrait in the conventional sense entails the depiction of a character or persona, relatable or addressing a certain perception or predisposition.  This video depicts the collective consciousness of people aspiring for much the same thing, a better living in a compassionate environment. How I arrived at “Power to the People” deserves mention.  After rejecting “Promised Land” for focusing on the country rather than its people, I tried “Face of America”, which too screamed geographical boundaries as opposed to the human element of it.  “Power to the People”, courtesy John Lennon, put a single face to the masses standing up for their rights.