10 Jul

Nothing is Real

“Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
It’s getting hard to be someone
But it all works out.”

Driving back home on a misty summer day, I noticed my gas tank half empty, coupled with the fact that I had my favorite music on, and was not ready to stop listening yet, I drove up to the gas station for a filler, where I turned off the music temporarily. Dusk was settling over the undulating green grounds of the golf course, when I hear Chuck Berry playing fairly loudly in another car, where the driver forgot to turn down his system before opening his car door…he turned it off shortly after allowing the quiet dusk and the songs of the cricket to engulf the atmosphere once again…In my rear view mirror, I noticed a man in patterned Hawaiian shirt with gray hair, owner of the car…

Orlando happened, shooting of Philando Castile, shooting of Dallas police officers in retaliation, my own attempt to grapple with the meaning of it all, and the purpose behind my pursuit of the arts spun into a moment of clarity in the moisture laden dusky air…our words and actions in and of itself makes a point only in the larger picture – we continue with our struggle to grope for meaning while life plays out its own story that makes sense only in retrospect.

Another day at Alfa gallery in the theater district in New Brunswick, NJ, the throng of people circling a generous spread for an art opening, thank you Galina! Not sure of the point of it all, I held up a juicy strawberry as if like a torch, hailing the spirit of love and beauty!

03 Jul

All the King’s Horses

“The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears. ” an Arabian
proverb, says it all about horses…freedom, speed and commune with
nature…the horse is an alter ego of man’s longing for freedom and adventure!
Reflected in the large shiny eyes of a horse are open fields, sunlight, that
capture the spirit of the unknown.  All the King’s Horses figures have human
bodies with horse heads – juxtaposed together, they express a starkness in
their power and movement.  The mythological centaur with its human head bears
more of a tamed persona, these are quite the opposite!