23 Jul

Not the “cow” you say?

So the purpose of information is to get some sort of meaning across, the masses alas resist all rational communication. Sensationalism prevails from as long as man can remember. Today we have Piero Manzoni’s Cans Of Feces, Andres Serano’s Piss Christ, Mark Quinn’s Bust of Blood,  LED bulbs lit with sweat batteries by Daniela Kostova and Olivia Robinson, Vomit, menstrual blood among other bodily fluids as artistic medium:


 “It’s the sizzle that sells the steak, and not the cow” the mantra of ad guru Ogilvy, may seriously be questioned given the prevalence of bodily fluid as a medium.  In all of this art, it is meaning which is only an ambiguous and inconsequential accident!

Inspired by the lyrics of the Foo Fighters, I have here, Shame Shame Go Away _ I and II
“Use me up, spit me out, Let me be your hand-me-down.”

23 Jul

Ephemeral Art


Nope! can’t claim credit for the beautiful pyro configs in the night sky.  But getting there well ahead of time and waiting with millions of others on the cordoned off East River Drive with the camera is something I can claim to!