25 May

Us and Them, Women’s Caucus of the Arts publication, 2015

Us & Them, sculpture

Us & Them
found object sculpture, paint, feathers, 12x12x24 inches

While subversion draws attention to a deficiency, observance reflects the acknowledgement of challenges and the understanding of hurdles overcome.  “Voices” can be a cry for help or a silent nod of acknowledgement.  “Us and Them” capitalizes the warm and fuzzy teatime talks, the purpose of which is to keep it pleasant, much like the lyrics of the song:

“Us, and them
And after all we’re only ordinary men.
Me and you
God only knows it’s not
what we would choose to do”

“Voices”, Page 146

25 May

Precious Possessions, in Women’s Caucus of the Arts publication, 2014

Precious Possessions, 30x36 inches, mixed media on rag paper

Precious Possessions mixed media on rag paper 30×36 inches

“…while great achievement is rare and  difficult at best, it is still rarer and more difficult if, while you work, you must at the  same time wrestle with inner demons of self-doubt and guilt and outer monsters of  ridicule or patronizing encouragement, neither of which have any specific connection  with the quality of the art work as such.” As women artists, we can use our historical disadvantages from a vantage point. Embrace and celebrate the woman in us,  knowing that she is capable of greatness!” – Linda Nochlin

Sories We Tell 
Page – 169

10 May

May 8th, Goggleworks Center for the Arts came alive with 500 artists and art lovers

Meeting curator Peter Kinney, executive director, Phil Walz, Mr. and Mrs. Dalloz, artist Patricia Scialo, Kevin Brett and many others was enlightening as usual!  Patricia told me about her unique encaustic process, Kevin expressed how he experienced snow intimately…I told my story about Khajuraho and the hot kiss and ended the evening with a cozy dinner at “Speckled Hen”, with screaming loud live music that made it impossible to hold a conversation and broke the spell!