Pillars of Destruction - alternate view sculpture by Tania Sen

Pillars of Destruction

“Pillars of Destruction” are infant stars that light up immense swirls of gas and dust. New stars are born from collapsing clouds of interstellar material, astronomically speaking.  Pillars are also an essential structure of civilizations.  Civilizations rise and fall like waves with the advent of new consciousness and ways of being.  Arnold Toynbee was the first historian to …

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Higgledy Piggledy, sculpture

Higgledy Piggledy

HiggledyPiggledy – an old-fashioned slang meaning disorganized or helter-skelter, used in the nursery rhyme, “Higgledy Piggledy, my black henlays good eggs for gentlemen…” describes a state of disarray that eventually synthesizes new thoughts and language.  According to Durkheim, the world exists only as far as it is represented, and that all knowledge of the world …

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Daily Run by the Cherry Blossoms, Waste Not Want Not 123

Waste Not Want Not 123

No, I am no economist, but the COVID crisis compels me to tell a story of how the communities in Philadelphia are utilizing energy and resources- toilet paper, for instance! In the words of Ursula Le Guin, “there have been great societies that did not use the wheel but there have been no societies that …

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We'll Grow on You- II, relief painting on henna, by Tania Sen

We’ll Grow On You

We’ll Grow On You Bleed, Cry, Grasp,Speak are verbs that are often associated with change, mending and motivate the flow of consciousness.  Henna, sumi ink, modeling clay and found objects are used to create works.  The performance art instance was done, using as prop a piece of sculpture.Globalization and social media has spurred some changes …

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