27 Oct

Bourgeoisie – the new thinker

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Elements - I, sculpture

These sculpture pieces, “The Evolving Gardener“, occupy a 3-D space easily because of their transparency with a small footprint.  The Coca Cola script, now a familiar part of global consumerism resonates to one and all. My works based on the 2 word element of the logo along with the hand drawn typography takes advantage of the pithy expression while repurporposing the ubiquitous phenomenon at play! In essence my work is an anti-intellectual commentary in keeping with the consumer culture that drives a deeper meaning in a consumer-friendly package devoid of erudite pretenses. The bourgeoisie is the new thinker, the majority choices weaving the words of the new narrative lending an elevated authenticity to the collective outlook generated organically as opposed to an ivory tower observation prone to subjective biases, presenting an aggregate viewpoint at best.

Today’s story is a process, ever evolving rather than any strongly held view. My Elements sculpture series prototypes lean on the instinctual purity of tribal patterns etched on clear surfaces that allows the environment to combine naturally to the overriding narrative. Why tribal art? Emotions come filtered through culture and conventions but basic instincts are universal. The realism of what the viewer catches a glimpse of through the transparent surface combined with indigenous and consumer designs and pattern represents a new reality which is a reflection of the viewer’s perception rather than the preconception of the artist.