Year: 2018

Dilemma of Durga, by T

Trenton Art Fair Shooting and my Otherness

…I was their primary contact, and my face was brown.  The deep divide among the people of NJ and other parts of the country, makes artists suffer and defeats the purpose of art itself.  My hope is that if there is a single purpose to this financially decrepit pursuit, that is art, it will be that of inclusion.

Tania Sen @ Armory Art Fair 2014

Natraaj, Tallur and the Cosmic Soup

The organized expression of spirituality is religion, which always depends on cultural and historical context. Unfortunately, religion often ossifies and the teachings are expressed as dogma; experience is replaced by faith. You have to believe; you don’t have to experience. These religions, all over the world, also align themselves with politics and very often with right-wing politics.” photographic

Love in the time of Polarization – I

Love urges allegiance and incites riots coup and wars.  With a deep ideological divide worldwide, one is prone to ask if indeed the flavor of love is changing.