25 Feb

The Dripping Drill

“Improve your art by not trying” says Nicholas Wilton. He demos his scraped off paint spill on his work. Being a bit of a butter finger myself, neatness has not been my strong hold although thankfully that did not affect dexterity. A spill has always has a power which a deliberately painted piece cannot replicate.

Then we have Jackson Pollock, many a mom has sworn her 4 year old can do better! His works with their sooty pools and block structures, also known as ‘Jack the Dripper’! Here are some of my drips and spills…

03 Feb

I Breathe with You! @ Umass

A four hour bus ride turned 7 later, experiencing fellow riders with foresight and food while my own growling stomach later, a cold blustery walk later, ingesting a hot pho at turbo speed later, another blustery walk later, I breathed with you, truly…
for a cause close to my heart and some really warm and welcoming folks at Augusta Savage Gallery, Umass! Thank you Terry Janour and the rest of the team for bringing artists from all corners of the globe to speak their truth on the matter.