18 Mar

Hot Kiss and Khajuraho


Fairy Tales such as Rumpelstiltskin, The Six Swans, The Spindle, The Shuttle, and The Needle, Sleeping Beauty, the spinning wheel is indeed an instrument with transformative powers. A mundane instrument that allows magical things to happen! My works, The Kiss, Crucifixion and Creation, bears patterns that weave a story about the woman in the context of my roots. The figures in The Kiss resonate the erotic sculpture in Khajuraho temples. A reminder of sexual liberation – so direly missing from the Indian society over the past 200 years as also today. Crucifixion projects the woman as Durga with her ten arms severed. Durga is the symbol of feminine power and strength, Crucifixion alludes to the lack thereof. Creation, a reminder of Michael Angelo, only with the position of Godhood attributed to the woman. As it is indeed the woman who bears and nurtures the child. The iconic image of Marilyn Monroe from 7 years Itch narrating the tale of the modern woman with her primitive instincts, trying to balance in a turbulent social environment. The Etched metal sculpture are part of the same theme.  Unmasking the face of Frida Kahlo to reveal Mona Lisa and the hyper visual Mona Lisa with an absent mouth.