Higgledy Piggledy, sculpture, 2020

Philly Freedom Exhibit at National Liberty Museum

“HiggledyPiggledy” – an old-fashioned slang meaning disorganized or helter-skelter, used in the nursery rhyme

“Higgledy Piggledy, my black hen
lays good eggs for gentlemen…”

describes a state of disarray that eventually synthesizes new thoughts and language.  According to Durkheim, the world exists only as far as it is represented, and that all knowledge of the world necessarily refers back to how it is represented… Représentations collectives are the body of representations a society uses to represent to itself things in reality, as those things relate to and affect society.  Thus, pervasive cultural repositories and transmitters of collective experience embody and express the reality of a society’s collective existence, expanding over various forms such as photographs, fables, myths, and religious imagery.  These in turn contributing to thought and language which are primary enabler of all social life.  The giant mosaiced egg reflects much like a disco ball the light that hits its surface.  Light – being information that is yet to consolidate into a new consciousness, in the current environment. #[email protected]