24 Jul

The Bliss of Anonymity

Review Death of an Icon

Review, Death of an Icon

Interpretation of content has always been the job of the consumer while it has been the job of the media to deliver. Getting some media coverage has, up until now been known to further your work. Demographics is a prized possession for advertisers on the web as we all know and content offers a place for the business shout outs to reside alongside.  A recent review of my works houses an ad for dog grooming and diamonds among others. Now what’s the common criterion between the two one might ask? My guess –  it could be homes with pets and women inclined towards conspicuous consumption. That brings up a second question – are those with the dispensable income more prone towards buying dog food, diamonds or art?


18 Jul

Coney Island Revisited

Coney Island in Brooklyn is an institution of its own.  Home of many traditions, starting with the Coney Island dog, the Mermaid parade, to the Polar Bear Club.  Hundreds of people crowd in to the Luna Park and NY Aquarium every day.  My Coney Island themed mural was first hashed for the brand new facility pool of Morris Union Jointure Commission with the proposal of painting tiles.  However, their immediate need was for four large canvases for their foyer.  The Coney Island drawings sat in my garage for a few months before the new facility of the Somerset Hills YMCA needed it for their nursery facing one of their large pools, and there it has been for the last 10 years!  When I stumbled upon the Coney Island Nathan’s image on the Met twitter page:

Coney Island Nathans, at the Mets

I took a second look at my own Coney Mural once again.


The MERMAID PARADE specifically was founded in 1983 with 3 goals: it brings mythology to life for local residents who live on streets named Mermaid and Neptune; it creates self-esteem in a district that is often disregarded as “entertainment”; and it lets artistic New Yorkers find self-expression in public – with ethnic, religious, or commercial aims.  The Coney Island Polar Bear Club swims every Sunday from November to April, but their first swim of the New Year, on New Year’s Day, is a special one!


18 Jul

Portrait of a Politician

Is it bad writing or simply the tone, does anyone else find it vulgar?  A leader, who was also a woman and a mother had to exist in the flesh as well.  Here’s an account of the lover:

“Physically and mentally she is more of a male than a female.  I would call her a manly woman….in the sex act she had all the artfulness of French women and Kerala Nair women combined.”

neon installation, Indira Gandhi

Portrait of a Politician
Medium: acrylic on chalk board with neon installation
Size: 48 x 30″



The widening class difference has become all too apparent in the West now.  Coming from a mostly taxonomical society strife with communalism, the free living in the US with an innate pride in labor was like a breath of fresh air!  However divisions in our societies, have once again been put to work: progressive v reactionary, open v closed, liberalism v fascism, rational v irrational. But as a polarized intellectual industry plays catch-up with fast-moving events that it completely failed to anticipate, it is hard to avoid the suspicion that our search for rational political explanations for the current disorder is doomed.

Nominated the “rape nation”, polarization has peaked in India with a total disregard for all that was held sacrosanct for all these years.  Subhash Bose is now declared a fascist, Mother Teresa, simply a “troubled individual in a museum of poverty” and Indira Gandhi, a hirsute woman with an ample appetite for sex.  The problem for these critics of Enlightened rationalism, as Robert Musil defined it, was not that we “have too much intellect and too little soul”, but that we have “too little intellect in matters of the soul”

20 Jun

3D shapes with an apex

Swimming in Data Smog, in an attempt to clutch on to that single straw of self-recognition, I maneuvered my way through the process of self-expression, swinging sharply between knowledge and a bewildering unknown.  The construction cone struck me because, functionally it demarcates space, commanding a presence of its own.  The 3D shape lends a display opportunity with an underlying meaning of its own.

My first work with the construction cone was Precious Metal.  Curator Schlomit Dror, then at the Newark Museum, wrote:

 “Tania Sen’s sculpture Precious Metal (2014) is made out of an orange cone …In this work Sen alludes to consumer culture by borrowing text that is similar in texture, form and color to the iconic Coca-Cola logo from the world of advertising.  She alter the words, however, to “Shared Wealth”.  The gold paint coating the traffic cone, a universally recognized object like the Coca-Cola beverage, suggest the risky outcome veneration of consumer culture may impose on notions of value and corporate wealth.”

Well the Coca Cola logo letters originating in Fizzy Dreams has come a long way since then, the cone itself took its own journey.  Still remember the words of the doorman at the museum, not inscribed anywhere were, “What’s this?  Merlin’s Hat?”  At the time I laughed, today I wish it was…
Very recently when a teenager practiced her parallel parking using some of the unpainted cones that were stashed in my garage, I decided to take a fresh look at them once again.

Look Fizzy, translated into a tattoo design in the shape of a cone.  At a time when I was obsessing over Jamini Roy’s elegant simplicity, his cats with human eyes were what appealed to me the most!  I got Mona Lisa to cuddle one of his kitties, and put a clowder of Jamini Roy kitties on my cone Fizzy Dreams in Percentages translated into a ceiling hung giant exclamation mark!

19 Jun

Data Rush

“Data Rush” – an oxymoron of sorts – “data” implicitly requires interpretation, mitigating spontaneity.  “Rush” – indicating motion, speed, urgency, Impetuosity, violence…
Data gathered through the senses, data indicating elements beyond the object of observation, suggesting elements of time, usage and incidents comprises the basis of these works.  My works are created with data that is “sought” rather than the data that is “pushed” on us.  The nature of data is essentially such that it allows room for interpretation.  The works often comprises of close ups, blurring aspects of scale and perspective.

Data Rush is an attempt of a conversation.  An attempt to make meaning out of a surge of facts and figures, an excess of opinions and polarized impressions…a transmission of sorts with blips, glitches and dropped messages…an attempt of an expression…

Analog Control, Animated gif

Analog Control, Animated gif