Pillars of Destruction - alternate view sculpture by Tania Sen

Pillars of Destruction

Pillars of Destruction, sculpture

“Pillars of Destruction” are infant stars that light up immense swirls of gas and dust. New stars are born from collapsing clouds of interstellar material, astronomically speaking.  Pillars are also an essential structure of civilizations.  Civilizations rise and fall like waves with the advent of new consciousness and ways of being.  Arnold Toynbee was the first historian to depict history in its totality taking a panoramic view.  He was fascinated by the rise and fall of civilizations, of which he counted 26 from ancient times to the present, explaining:

“The histories of all the civilizations that have now , come to light cannot be arranged in a single series leading up to the present state of any one living civilization or anyone living, nation….Instead of the beanstalk pattern of history, we have to draw for ourselves a tree pattern, in which the civilizations rise, like so many branches, side by side…” 

My sculpture resonating the WTC, is a reminder of renewal.  The two columns will stand on a platform emitting liquid nitrogen smoke, emulating pillars that rise from the ashes of a civilization in a state of mounting obsolescence.