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Primal Colors @ The National Scottish Museum

“Stay hungry, stay foolish”, the celebrated words of Steve Jobs is the basis of the  series of images.

They are an expression of a visceral state stripped of acquired emblems of validation.  The trusted camera lens, my own body and the surroundings are ingredients of these works.  Impermanent and in a state of flux, these works catch a thought cast them into a visual vocabulary and move on to the next thought.  These works do not bear the burden of having to deliver a weighty subject matter for a high brow jury – simply a way to embrace a state, situation, place, people, politics without roots and obligations.

NYC Transformed

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, – how I look at everything pretty much! Stuff one sees around the city, the knobby yellow tiles at the edge of the subway line, the fire hydrant, the news-stand, the bike rack, texts and signs – an endless list of elements that spell the city, its dark humor and exuberance! Those who have known the city intimately will see beyond the abstraction of the intrinsic elements of the city. So all I did was look at these elements and not touch them at all. They are beautiful as they are. It is just a matter of looking at them with a bit of love! I named them New York Bits.