Food Glorious Food!

“An empty stomach is not a good political adviser.” ― Albert Einstein

Untitled Edibles, sculpture
Untitled Edibles, sculpture
24x24x24 inches approx.
"Food Glorious Food" - Tania Sen's works on the topic are "Untitled Edibles" and "Reach"

Angus Deaton, the noble prize winning economist in discussing randomized trials that he proposed to solve hunger and the lack of nutrition among the poor in India, made a point that “experiments are technical solutions to political problems…done on the poor and not by the poor” hence set up for possible failure. The extreme income inequality is a hindrance to democracy and an effective distribution of wealth or tax money.

There are people who are hopeful about ending world hunger within a generation – 2030! We have people like Steven Colbert and Hugh Jackman raising large capital as an effort to solve the problem. Agriculture is deemed as the primary solution.

Politics of Food organized by Delfina Foundation shows works that explore the history, politics, and ethics of food production, consumption, distribution and display.