Baool Spirit, dance portrait on Asbury Park Beach

Deep Dive into The Process

Doodling on the margin of all class note books is how I made my first ever art. Making thumbnails is essentially how any art ever got started. Sometimes it was the material or process that determined the end result. At my silk screen studio at the School of Visual Arts, I screen printed drawings on a painted canvas. Experimented with spills and torn paper masking.

Mind Over Matter

With no formal training in sculpture making, I took on the task of making sculpture pieces that could withstand the touch of the curious gallery visitor at the Please Touch Exhibition at Monmouth Museum. After a helpful employee at home depot showed me some Drimmel tools and metal cutting shears, I quickly set to work by etching and cutting out shapes. Rubbing these cutouts with printmaking ink gave it a weathered patina.

I could use any material once. Clear Acrylic, found objects, mosaic for sculpture, oil and acrylic, charcoal, etching methods, photography, digital experimentations with collage and animation. It was the thought that was always on the driver’s seat and deadline on the passenger seat. Here’s how some of my works came to be. The artworks themselves undertook a journey of their own after they came about.

Making of the Second Skin

The Second Skin, Wide Open
The Second Skin @ Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition Exhibit

Love in the Time of polarization

is the story of the symbolic motherland (India) separated ideologically but sharing common challenges.

Love Is... photographic
Love Is… digital collage

Facing My Otherness

Here’s a tale of the response my skin color elicited from the NJ art world and how it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I sought forums away from it.

Shiv Durga at Contemporary Art Centre, Bedminster, NJ 2008
Shiv Durga at Contemporary Art Centre, Bedminster, NJ 2008

Please Don’t Burst My Bubble

exhibition in Seoul, So. Korea, Mickey featured as a dark and ominous form – a reminder of the starkness that exists in a child’s world in many parts of the globe today.  How children cope with dire situations and are resilient to shocks that have become part and parcel of their lives.

Mickey Say Something, digital
Mickey Say Something, digital

Use of Fine Arts by Ad Agencies

Mona Lisa is the iconic mnemonic in “Death of Icon”, ad agencies use more fine art than ever to sell to consumers today. Art is no longer for keeping and cherishing, rather a commodity to be pimped out in the market for a quick turnaround.   The impact of new artworks last for as long as social media and the dealers scream about them, and then, they too will succumb to the eventuality of the silence of the masses, swallowed whole by the shadow of the “silent majority”.

“In a media society meaning has no meaning anymore: communication merely communicates itself.”

Death of an Icon, Jewish Musuem of NJ
Death of an Icon Jewish Museum of NJ

Dance Portraits on a Beach Landscape

My fascination with dance forms had me painting murals and designing annual Nutcracker Ballet shirts for local dance schools. The young dancer in Restless Baool Spirit does her free form dance moves with reckless abandon! These are camera captures of art in motion, a free movement in Asbury Park Beach frozen into shapes of eternal energetic splurge!

My Feet Finds You, photograph
My Feet Finds You Asbury Park, NJ