Scratch an Itch

Drink Me, Ah At Last! Walk on Water, Busted and Pursuit of a Soft Landing, incorporates iconic moment from Seven Year Itch.

Prospects of a Spill

Prospects of a Spill A spill is the outcome of an accident or a sign of plentitude.  Having worked with printmaking, I learnt, what a happy accident can conjure in its scope and flair of expression is way beyond what careful  articulation has the potential to achieve!  A spill indicates a splurge putting the viewer in a position …

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James Turrell: ramblings

James Turrell: ramblings A snaking line at the entrance of any museum or art event raises anticipation and eagerness and there was one fit to order right down the sidewalk of Museum Mile this morning when I walked into Guggenheim to experience the muchJames Turrell: ramblings written about James Turrell: the master of light!  I …

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