11 Feb

Head on your Shoulder

Since the talk of the hour is about the man who is certainly greater than the sum of his parts – parts that are mistakenly considered photogenic!

Speaking of parts, here’s a male and female part of the biggest rock in the world – the Himalayas! Hope things smooth out for him for I like shopping online.  These were shot near Trilokenath Shiva temple on route to Dalhousie. 

Gentlemen please, please, when taking a selfie make sure to click the head on your shoulder!

02 Feb

Food for Thought

Egg Lady, Food for thought
The Egg Lady

Food today is as much for sustenance as for pleasure.  Then there is food that feeds neurosis centered on health, Food fads are strange, powerful things. “Between the 1970s and the 1990s Americans ate more and more wheat, partly because they were trying to avoid cholesterol. Then came a string of popular low-carbohydrate diets, from Dr Atkins to paleo. A rise in coeliac disease and self-diagnosed gluten intolerance has made wheat seem decidedly dangerous. Between 1997 and 2015 flour consumption in America fell from 67kg per head to 60kg.”

Food has been a reflection of a culture and its people in how it is prepared and consumed.  Here are some candid shots at La Boqueria in Barcelona.

Fish Market, Food for Thought
Fish Market