12 Nov

Please Don’t Burst My Bubble


New beginnings, a promise of a fresh start – an act of  optimism, a perception of a different outcome…”Inside Outside” and “Sweet  Release” incorporate printmaking with photographs of landmark buildings – Segrada Familia and Torrre Agbar in Barcelona.  Being in conversation with my environment has been an obsession of sorts for may years, exploring inner and outer spaces is what happens in these works.   “Waiting for  the Sun”, “Miracles”, “Please Don’t Burst My Bubble” and “The Incidental Kim”  explores preexisting spaces and circumstances, that tells a story other than  itself bearing within it the potential of a new outcome, new and unexpected.   “Say Something”, the two Mickeys and “Corrupt” are a play on the obvious.  The  Subway stairs in NYC or the quintessential roadside news stand nestled within  the shape of Mickey bears a dark playfulness, as also in the twisted Coca Cola  letters resonating the outcome of dictatorialship.  Needless to say that this  piece along with “The Incidental Kim” are playful allusions to North Korea.

sculpture, Corrupt

Corrupt, hand lettering silk screened on sculpted aluminum, 30x60x6 inch