Revisiting Artist of the Month @ AGNJ

What does it even mean to be “artist of the month”, “employee of the week” etc.?  Are you designated a position for that time period only?  Which raises the question what are you the rest of the time?  I know there is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day – concoctions of Hallmark.  Who concocted “Artist of the Month”?

Having worked in the creative department of the ad industry for more years than I care to recall, it was an exercise in foregoing credit for artworks you created.  I recall once, a client sent a thank you letter for a logo I designed for his new enterprise as a staff artist.  My response?  Did I allow myself one?  Think a knowing smirk expressing a degree of bitterness at being bestowed with an understanding of reality that no thank you note could lift.  I let the note slip into the trash can unceremoniously.  Why did I deprive myself of at least a degree of satisfaction?  Those were pre-social media days so there was no opportunity to brag or humble brag!

Last year, artist of the month at Arts Guild NJ slipped by fairly unceremoniously as well, culminating in some awkward picture taking at the exhibit of 12 artists.  Yes it was a competitive process yada yada, who gives a sh-t?!  The point of it, which struck me fairly recently, is the ability to be humble and erase past conditioning.  So dear fellow artists, when and if you are ever artist of the month, week or year, let your lungs swell up with joy and embrace your love of art!

REVIEW: AGNJ, Artist of the Month 2014